For roughly fifteen years, I have been involved in the saltwater and reef aquarium hobby. It all started with the purchase of a clownfish, just before the release of Finding Nemo. After watching the movie, it sparked my interest in the hobby even further. I did quite a bit of research on the various invertebrates available in the hobby. During those fifteen years, I’ve had many systems running. From a 10 gallon, I progressed to a 30. Then a 37. Then a 58. As of now, I am running 2 standalone systems. My “display tank,” as we refer to them, is packed with rare and exotic coral and other marine creatures. My original clownfish, purchased in 2000/2001, is still alive and doing well.

My basement system is currently set up with a 58 gallon “soft coral” tank, a “lagoon style” tank (only 9″ tall, to view from the top), and a tank full of stinging creatures. In total, the system clocks in around 150 gallons – give or take!

The gallery below is a totally random collection of images from my systems! Have a look, and feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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