Current Professional Profile

EHR Software Analyst

Currently operating as an EHR Software Analyst at Nextgen Healthcare, working with the KBM (Knowledge Base Model).

The KBM consists of templates used to input data into the EHR, the legal documents that are generated, and more.

Given the nature of all the KBM, and all it encompasses, expertise is required in numerous areas, from the "back end" of the database to all ancillary products offered.

  • SQL

    Debugging of Stored Procedures, Complex Query Creation, Performance Analysis

  • Templates

    Debugging of stock KBM Templates, custom Templates, and more.

  • EHR

    Application modules (Orders, Problem/Diagnosis, Allergies, etc)

  • Ancillary / ETC

    MU, HQM and CQM, Care Guidelines / Recommended Care, Etc



Freelance Consulting

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Web Design

Need a website? I can provide design services at significantly cheaper costs than any other company. The best part? You can always reach me.

Small Business

Business Process Management, Network and Systems maintenance, and more. Why hire in house? Fees available hourly or via retainer.

Consumer & In Home

Wireless Network Setup, Internet Filtering, PC Repair, Etc. Drop off or in house services available.

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