Current Professional Profile

Senior Engineer: Analytics

Nearing the end of 2017, transitioned into the role of Senior Engineer for Analytics Support, which includes analytics products consisting of 'big data' entities like Population Health, UDS and CMS reporting products, and other ancillary application support.

Int his role, working heavily with development is required, creating and advising on methods to evaluate data; working with various methods of data transimission, etc.

  • Database Technologies

    Development in MSSQL, PostGres; Amazon Redshift;

  • CMS & Other Reporting

    Evaluation of large amounts of data, clinical understanding of reporting.

  • C#

    Debugging services, misc assemblies for various applications.

  • Etc....

    Amazon EC2, Lambda, and more.



Freelance Consulting

A small sampling of available services. Contact via e-mail for more information.
Web Design

Need a website? I can provide design services at significantly cheaper costs than any other company. The best part? You can always reach me.

Small Business

Business Process Management, Network and Systems maintenance, and more. Why hire in house? Fees available hourly or via retainer.

Consumer & In Home

Wireless Network Setup, Internet Filtering, PC Repair, Etc. Drop off or in house services available.